beautiful pictures of random things: dragons, elves, manticores etc.

"Mythical Pictures" YAY!

  This is me photo page.

"Dragons Doth Be Here" 

My Motto^

a beauty
I don't know who drew this. If it was you, tell me and i'll replace it.

~A Celtic dragon~
Just somethin' silly

My fave dragon, rainbow too.
Don't know who drew this'n either.

The Whitby Wyrm
I've decided to name her Zafanol.

It's sooooooooo cute.
Orshaila (Or-Shy-Luh)

A shiny silver dragon.
*wink, wink* ;)

This doth be Danaka the dragon. I made her, she's a character in a children's story that I wrote.

Me friend drew this'n.